Dr. Akm Huq - Veterinarian

Dr. Akm Huq graduated from Bangladesh in 1987 and obtained his Master's Degree in Veterinary Pathology with honors in 1994.

During his long career, he studied and worked in Japan with Dr. M. Shiota Poppo, a very renowned veterinarian in Tokyo, and also worked with renowned veterinarian Dr. Permin in Denmark. He also studied Drug Research and Development in Toronto, Canada. He had a chance to work with several renowned veterinarians like Dr. Little John, Dr. Bruce Robinson, Dr. Graham Crawshaw, and Dr. Omar in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Huq took his ECFVG certification with American Veterinary Medical Association through the Board Exam and started a practice with Dr. Awad in Pennsylvania. Several years ago, he moved to Dallas and started to work at Banfield (Pet Smart). Finally, He decided to materialize his dreams to open his own hospital, "Bethany Pet Hospital." He believes in helping all pet owners in all possible ways. His practice is a state-of-the-art hospital, equipped with very high quality equipment such as a digital x-ray, digital Otoscope, video microscope, Blood Analyzer, and Chemistry analyzer and much more.

He lives with his wife and 3 children. They have two additional family members, an Orange Cat "Minu" and a gray Cat "Montu" and several exotic pets. He is committed to helping his community by providing very affordable treatment at his hospital, even in an emergency situation.